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An Account Manager is responsible for overseeing client interaction and on-time deliverables, managing relationships and client needs, and evaluating and interpreting expectations.

We are seeking an Account Manager who possesses leadership, is qualified for careful client management, and excels at working within a team.

Leadership must be exhibited in pursuing excellence in all aspects of business by possessing the knowledge to identify opportunities for, and the ability to implement, change. In addition, an Account Manager should build expert knowledge in our industry, be able to convey that knowledge to others, and be willing to challenge others to develop as leaders as well while clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Teamwork. 36creative is a team. We work together. Teamwork is very important to us. Our Account Manager needs to evoke creative and innovative thinking from team members while helping them bring their ideas to fruition. An Account Manager must help to determine new, creative ways to employ teams on projects and distribute responsibilities while working to share lessons learned, as well as practices that have proven to be best.

We need an account manager who is efficient with client management by managing day-to-day client interaction and expectations for multiple and large-scale projects. Possessing a deep knowledge base of each client’s business, organization, and objectives helps to capitalize upon opportunities to deepen client relationships and increase satisfaction. Since customer satisfaction is a valued payment for 36creative, anticipating client needs and proposing business solutions is paramount.



The primary responsibilities of an Account Manager lie in project and practice management, and project accounting.

Within the management portion, you would need to:

– manage the day-to-day operational and tactical aspects of multiple and large scale projects.
– oversee Project Managers working on client engagements.
– review high-level deliverables across projects.
– implement quality assurance procedures.
– minimize exposure and risk.
– manage scope and mitigate risk.
– ensure client satisfaction on all projects.

Within the management portion, you would need to:

– track time and deliverables.
– ensure accurate invoicing based on outlines provided.
– manage any 3rd party costs such as stock photos, printing, hosting/domains, etc.


The secondary responsibilities of an Account Manager lie in financial management, business development, communication, and technical understanding.

Within the financial management portion, you would need to:

– achieve revenue goals set for projects.
– accurately forecast revenue, profitability, margins, bill rates, and utilization across

Within the business development portion, you would need to:

– identify partnership opportunities and capitalize on “add-on” sales opportunities across projects.
– achieve “add-on” revenue goals.
– assist in the identification of strategic accounts.
– grow long-term relationships with clients, and realize equity and partnership opportunities.

Within the communication portion, you would need to:

– serve as key participant in team and client meetings.
– raise visibility through involvement in local industry organizations.
– confront issues openly and quickly.
– effectively communicate relevant project/practice information to superiors and peers.
– tactfully communicate sensitive information.
– handle difficult personnel situations directly, using appropriate discretion, HR advice, and respect for the individual.

Within the technical understanding portion, you would need to:
– assist in the evaluation and redesign of 36creative offerings.
– possess a thorough understanding of our service offerings technical preferences and technical direction.


The tertiary responsibilities of an Account Manager lie in internal operations. You would need to:
– easily recognize areas for internal improvement and develop plans for implementation.
– review the status reports of team members across projects, and address issues as appropriate.



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