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Bud Goes Camo with New Bottle Designs

Summer is naturally when more people reflect on the things that make America special. Patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day are times to celebrate our heritage, and often involve backyard barbeques that include lots of beer. In keeping with these traditions, Budweiser recently announced its second-annual rollout of American-themed packaging to help people enjoy summer and express their patriotism at the same time.

New Camouflage Design

Last summer, Budweiser rolled out their first patriotic bottle designs. The campaign was widely successful, resulting in more than one billion earned media impressions in its first 48 hours. Capitalizing on last year’s success, Budweiser recently announced the rollout of limited edition camouflage bottles, which will be available only until Independence Day.

In choosing the camouflage design, Budweiser’s Vice President Ricardo Marques claimed that the company was honoring the “courage and sacrifice made by all American service men and women who protect our nation and our freedoms.” Made from aluminum, they are sure to make a bold statement on store shelves, and will no doubt stand in stark contrast to other more traditional beer packaging.
In addition to being camouflage, the military-style bottles are stockier and contain gold labels that also contain messages of gratitude to the troops. Consumers can expect to see phrases such as “With every waving flag, with every hand-covered heart, we declare our gratitude.” Some bottles will also include stanzas from the “Star Spangled Banner”, or the words “e pluribus unum” or “out of many, one.”

New Line of State Bottles

Budweiser has also decided to release a new line of red, white, and blue cans and bottles that highlight individual states were the beer is brewed. Labels will feature ten different states: California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. Each one of the state labels will also have a unique saying that is relative to that state. For example, “Live free or die” is the official motto of New Hampshire, and will be listed on that state’s bottle. Individual state bottles will be available until Labor Day.

Reminder of an American Icon

The idea behind the camouflage and state-themed packaging is to remind people that Budweiser is an American icon that is also worth celebrating. Although Budweiser is owned by a Belgium company, their beer is nonetheless brewed in the United States, and has long been associated with all things American. Even so, its share of the market has decreased in recent years as craft beers have become increasingly more common. Last year’s promotion helped boost Budweiser’s sales, and they are hoping the new camo bottles will do the same this year.

Budweiser’s new line of camouflage and patriotic bottles serve as a reminder that America is indeed a great nation, and that pride in country is something that still burns bright. At a time when Americans seem to be more divided than ever, their message is one that brings hope and encouragement to citizens of what is still the greatest nation on earth.


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